The Impossible Mission goes beyond getting your team together for an out of the norm experience.  With feedback from our clinically trained facilitators, our fun and interactive events help your team tap into their natural strengths, as well as identify areas for potential growth.  Your organization can use team building to promote respect, trust, communication, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking among your group. We sponsor events at your site or a location we book.  


We sponsor fun and immersive team building events for corporations, organizations, non-profits, ministries, social clubs, schools, teams, and government agencies. Upon request, feedback and analysis on your group's performance is offered by a licensed clinical psychologist. 


Feedback offers insight on:

Group dynamics

Problem solving


Frustration management

Decision making

Time management


Choose Your Experience

Car Of The Year : Teams compete in a RC Car challenge. Each team creates the campaign, builds and races a RC Car to win the title of "Car Of The Year."


Rip The Runway: Teams compete in a fashion styling challenge. Each team must shop for and

style a runway worthy look to win the title "Look Of The Year."


I Robot: Teams compete in a robot design challenge.  Teams race against time to build and program a robot. The first to team to successfully build and program thier robot, wins.




The ImpossibleMission now sponsors fun,

and immerisive team building events for corporations, non-profits, schools, teams, clubs, as well as individuals.   

Located in Olympia Fields, IL, we offer immersive experiences for companies and groups wanting the thrill of an escape room, the intrigue of solving a mystery, or the challenge of completing a mission.

The Impossible Mission

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