Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an experience cost?

Each ticket into a room is typically priced $32 per person.  We do run occasional specials.


How do I book an experience?

Rooms are reserved by appointment at the booking link.


When should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation time to check-in and to get an introductory briefing to the room.  Because we run on scheduled reservations, we can't guarantee room for late arrivals.  Late arrivals can not be refunded.


What should I bring?

When you book online, we will email you confirmation and keep your reservation on file.  There is no need to bring anything with you.


I'm not really a gamer. Are the immerisive rooms for me?

All the clues and puzzle solutions can be found in the room.  Existing knowledge of gaming, trivia, or detective work is limited.  Just use your best logic and sleuthing skills, and be ready to have fun.


Am I really locked inside the escape room?

Legally, we can't actually lock you in.  In the world of the escape room, you are "locked in," and you escape.  Our investigation rooms require you to solve and close the case.


How long does an experience last?

The time you spend in a room depends on you and your group.  The maximum time for each experience is 60 minutes, but the minimum is up to you, and it's always exciting when a team beats the time record for closing the case or escaping the room.  Remember to arrive 15 before your scheduled experience and plan to stay a few minutes afterwards for a photo-op. 


Is the experience scary?

It depends. Our experiences are designed to be fun and challenging, not frightening.  However, the themes in some of our rooms do have an element of thrill that some may find slightly unnerving.  Room descriptions will inform you of the themes.  New experiences are always in development.


How many people can play in a single room?

The maximum number is 4 to 10, depending on the room.


Is there an age limit?

The experiences are designed with consideration of all ages.  We recommend children be at least 6, but younger children are welcomed.


Will other people be playing the room with us?

It depends on the number people in your group.  If the maximum number of players on a mission is 6 and there are only 4 in your group, then 2 tickets will still be available.  It is possible that your group will play the room yourselves, or that others may reserve the remaining available tickets. 


Can I book an experience just for my group? 

Yes.  To reserve a room exclusively for your group in a regularly-scheduled time slot, you must purchase all available tickets for a given time slot.  



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